In a materialistic world of artificial identities, a storyteller unleashes a mysterious God-like being who abducts alienated mortals and leads them through dance to shed their artificial masks and embrace each others’ common humanity.
Unskin is a provocative short film by Elcid Asaei. The project fuses contemporary dance with narrative film, in a mythology-inspired story that explores the dehumanising effect of a material world on social, race, and gender identity, in increasingly divisive times. The story will explore and deconstruct these stereotype facades through the medium of the moving image and dance.
Writer, Director, Producer – Elcid Asaei – Read his bio Here
Principal Choreographer – Konstantina Skalionta – Read her bio Here
Director of Photography – Anton S Gunnarsson – Read his bio Here
Choreography Coordinator – Ivana Radjenovic – Read her bio Here
Costume Designer – Simon Ekrelius – Read his bio Here
Production Designer – Gaia Predassi – Read her bio Here
Composer – Hai Saint – Read his bio Here
1st AD – Tyler Pierreson – Read her bio Here
Makeup Artist – Natalie Doke – Read her bio Here
Principal Vocalist & Sound Engineer – Ananya Das – Read her bio Here
Stills Photographer – Ajay Prasannan – Read his bio Here
Other team members will be added throughout the lifespan of the project. Our family is growing!