Character Profile: The Hooded Figure

A special introduction to a mysterious central character of UNSKIN.

From inside Elcid Asaei’s imagination, the dark premise of the Hooded Figure emerges and centres on the disenfranchised protagonist (Roger Piper), who is a quiet yet rebellious agent of positive change in the dysfunctional setting of the film, by unleashing the Hooded Figure, who stalks the landscape and abducts alienated and morally corrupt mortals, taking them to its dark and alien lair.

The interests of the Hooded Figure are mostly geared towards socio-political change, using tried and tested methods of metamorphosis, as well as being a force of cosmic karma, regulating the universe and the inhabitants within its sphere of influence, in order to flower unity from disparity.

You can find out more about the mysterious Hooded Figure when you watch UNSKIN.

Unskin the film. Ugly Duck Studios.
Photo taken by Patrick Baldwin


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