Actress Profile: Anvi Prabhu

Continuing the series of introductions to the multi-talented cast of UNSKIN.

Anvi Prabhu plays the role of a #Bharatanatyam #Mime #Dancer in #UNSKIN.

Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Anvi is a dancer/choreographer, visual artist, writer, actress and filmmaker based in London, on an exceptional talent endorsement by Arts Council England, and is represented by Nic Knight Management.

As a Bharatanatyam soloist, she has travelled and performed extensively across India, China, USA, UK, and Bhutan with critical praise as well as a National award in India. Having danced her first lead role in the classical dance ballet ‘Vasavi Vaibhava’ at age 16, she continued to perform extensively for over 5 years and is forever indebted to her Gurus Sri Kiran Subramanyam and Smt Sandhya Kiran, Smt. Shubha Dhananjay, and Smt. Vasundhara Kumar.

Alongside her dance work, Anvi has so far published two collections of poetry and experimental narratives as well as numerous online articles, plus her recent book ‘Unsupervised – Global Narratives through a Feministic Perspective’.

She is also the founder / Director of ‘Mid Light’ productions, a unique independent film company that aims specifically at making dance and art based films.

It was the unique promise of cinematic art and dance that drew her most to working with Elcid Asaei and Crimson Black Ltd on UNSKIN.

Unskin the film.
Photo taken by Patrick Baldwin


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