Actor Profile: Stephen T Box

Continuing the series of introductions to the multi-talented cast of UNSKIN.

Introducing Stephen T Box, who plays the role of the Interviewer in #UNSKIN.

Stephen had always been passionate about the performing arts, but came to acting later in his life. His early career was in a banking and sales background. He was a bank manager for Citi group and the Bank of Ireland. Later he was Sales Director and Partner in a successful finance brokerage, Frontline Finance.

When Frontline Finance became a casualty of the credit crunch of 2008, Stephen was free to pursue his first love, acting.

Originally trained at Morley College London and City Lit, Stephen was soon working with such directors as Martin Scodayse, Tom Hooper and Joe Wright. His latest roles include playing the part of Duff Cooper (information minister) in the Oscar-winning movie, Darkest Hour.

Alongside his feature work, Stephen had previously worked with Elcid Asaei on his award-winning short film P i r a n h a, and when he was approached to continue their creative collaboration with a more dynamic role on the ambitious UNSKIN, he saw a great opportunity.

Unskin the film. Chiswick Park.
Photo taken by Patrick Baldwin


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