Actress Profile: Evridiki-Nana Yakubu

Continuing the series of introductions to the multi-talented cast of UNSKIN.

Evridiki-Nana Yakubu plays the role of a Hoodlum in #UNSKIN.

Cyprus born, Evridiki showed interest in the performing arts at a very young age, training in Ballet, Jazz, Latin American dances as well as Ballroom and Commercial dance.

At the age of 18 she moved to the UK to attend London Studio Centre, where she trained in Classical, Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary dance, amongst many more styles, and graduated with a BA in Theatre Dance in 2016. During her years at LSC and after, she has collaborated with numerous artists on and off stage as well as in film and theatre, including names such as Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Eleesha Drennan Dance, Veni Vindi Film, and recently Crimson Black Ltd for UNSKIN, amongst many others.

In addition, she is now involved in numerous projects as well as teaching and creating with hopes to show her work in the future. Her movement is inspired by folk dance, the sexualisation of the human body and intimate everyday moments and relations.


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