Camera set, Rolling… Action!

We did it! UNSKIN began production, and in real style too, during three days of breakneck speed, sandwiching moments of sheer laughter, bravado, and technical and spontaneous brilliance, from all of the talented cast and crew.

To recount, the superlative ambition and execution of the past 3 days were the result of 9 months of dedicated planning, which began from the very first moment my electronic pen was put to digital paper. Over this time, the screenplay developed further, the members of the team gradually grew, auditions were organised and held, locations sought and found, props and costume sourced, and plans advanced from the amazing rehearsals last month to the filming this month. Phew.

However, a week ago before filming, things were not always so certain. The weather forecast was gloomy and grey, and it seemed the weekend of the 20th-22nd October would be a complete wash out! Indeed, it is during these moments of doubt, where I have come to believe that lady luck always rewards patience, planning and persistence, and as it turned out, the rain that came did not dampen our spirits, but quenched our thirst for success instead.

As a result, UNSKIN is very much alive and kicking, and the countdown is ticking towards the final two days of filming! If you want to follow what happens next, you can follow our journey here on this blog, and also via our Instagram and Facebook fan pages.

Photos by Patrick Baldwin

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