François Essii – 2nd AD

London-based French-boy, François Essii, is a 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD) for Unskin.

Francois, or commonly called Frank by his friends, is currently a student at London Middlesex University. He has knowledge in global business; however his true passion varies and is not related to business. Francois is a self-proclaimed ‘odd artist’, who follows his feelings and intuition, and believes that life will guide his path the way it should. Francois met filmmaker Elcid Asaei at Ugly Duck, for Real-Virtual Art Festival. It was here, through talks about imagination, common/uncommon ideology, and a passion for life, that Francois got inspired by and became interested in film-making.

Francois went on to assist the Director, Elcid Asaei for Unskin as a 2nd AD, and as a result Francois’s beliefs grew stronger, and he is now more determined than ever to keep following his passion.

Bienvenue, Francois!

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