Simon Ekrelius – Costume Designer

UK-based, Award-winning Swedish designer, Simon Ekrelius, is the Costume Designer for Unskin.

Simon Ekrelius 2

Simon has shown his collections at both London and Paris Fashion Week. He began making clothes at a very early age, and went on to study at prestigious institutions like Stockholm’s Tillskärarakademin and F.I.T in Florence. In Stockholm, Simon completed internships to prepare for his chosen career path, and this included time spent with designer Per Engsheden at ISA Showroom.

An advocate of fair trade practises and environmental awareness, Simon manufactures his collections in the UK, ensuring high levels of craftsmanship. He has also worked with private clients and commissions, which include Fashion Cares, British American Tobacco, Tesco and various different music groups. Recent commissions include Channel 4 News, VidalSassoon, and BHA 2013.

Concurrent to the fashion period, Simon has been appointed to design costumes for a number of films. The new career path has allowed him to understand the script-process, in order to realise costumes for particular scenarios, roles and periods. He has designed costumes for short films like ‘Annica’ (1997, SVT, Sweden), ‘Our Dinner Party’ (2017, Joe Ferrera, London), and ‘Sound of Fear’ (Richard Elson, 2016, London), to name a few.

Currently, Simon is relishing the challenge of the ambitious costume remit for Elcid Asaei’s provocative dance film, Unskin.

Simon Ekrelius 3

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