Hai Saint – Virtuoso Composer

London-based British Musician, Hai Saint is the new Composer for Unskin.

Hai possesses a multifaceted talent in music, as a writer, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer. His creative talent was recognised from the early age of 13, and since then he has played bass guitar for avant-garde performances and a multitude of rock, funk, jazz and pop bands. It was his childhood exposure to a diverse range of musical ideas that has enabled him to develop a broad, idiosyncratic portfolio today.

Affectionately dubbed ‘a musical and philosophical mad-scientist’, Hai’s work draws inspiration from allegorical narrative and psychology to produce songs and compositions with an esoteric quality that aim to ‘wrestle with the peculiarities and paradoxes of the human condition’.

Hai’s first introduction to the world of film was for his collaboration with Elcid Asaei at Crimson Black Ltd, where he composed multiple compositions for films like P i r a n h a and It’s Just Sex, alongside visual experiments like ChocoLoco: https://vimeo.com/crimsonblack/chocoloco

Today, Hai continues to develop the abstract structures of musical and philosophical thinking in his work, and we are excited to have his talent on board an esoteric dance film that compliments his esoteric qualities.

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